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Amaenaide Yo! Review

w32071atched 11/2016

Type: TV
Episodes: 12/12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2005 to Sep 2005
Studios: Studio Deen

Amaenaideyo is a manga adaption originally by Sogabe Toshinori.


It’s alright. It has its moments when its funny bit for the most point it’s just a standard ecchi show from this period of time. The boy is 16 and is your standard pervert (aka a normal 16-year-old boy) who lives with a bunch of girls as he trains to become a monk. Why? Um. Well, I guess its a family thing? Either way.

amaenaideyo 2.png

The basic premise of this show is Ikku is a pretty weak monk and as little spiritual power  but when he sees the girls naked he turns into a super-monk and can exercise any demon. I assume because to a horny teenage boy there is no purer feeling that seeing a girl’s breasts.

The situation skits themselves are pretty standard situations for high schoolers to be in, monks in training or not. Still, they are entertaining enough. The ecchi moments are easy to spot. There are no missed opportunities here, if there is a chance, the show will make a point to empathise the girl’s boobs or pantie shots. Some of the girls care more about it than normal and will punish Ikku for making any comments.Or just being there when they are angry. He gets beaten up a lot just for being the man in the group.

amaenaideyo 1.png
Poor bloke. It’s one of the trends in ecchi anime I’m kind of glad has become less common in recent years. Aka, the ‘pervert’ being beaten up for anything which happens (even when unrelated to him) because he’s a pervert. It’s one thing when he’s actually doing something perverted or making a perverted comment but another when he’s simply in the room when one of the girls is pissed.

I guess these animes were targeted at masochists who dreamt of living in a harem and getting beaten up by the girls. Not really a healthy message to send young boys while I appreciate the fact these women are strong and independent from men. Partly in this anime because they are nuns and have sworn off relationships but meh.

Once thing which did pleasantly surprise me was the ending. For one thing, there was an actual story and plot there in a show that was mostly one show stories. It was impressive given the genre. Even if it was still a fairly ecchi premise in itself.

amaenaideyo 3#.PNG


Weiß Kreuz Review

Weiß Kreuz (Knight Hunters)knig

Completed 2005

Type: TV
Episodes: 25/25
Aired: Apr, 1998 to Oct, 1998
Producers: TV Tokyo, Studio Deen, Animate Film, Media Blasters, NYAV Post, TMS-Kyokuchi

Weiß Kreuz is a light novel adaptation written by Kenichi Kanemaki and illustrated by Kyoko Tsuchiya.

So why am I watching this when I have the weekly challenge? Simple, Ufotable seems to have several series which are sequels of previously made animes. So I started with this.

The animation is terrible, but has a very realistic tint to it. This is an anime created in the 90s after all. The movements are stilted. The voice acting also so. The lines blurry even in the highest definition I could find. But like all 90s animes, you don’t watch them now for their animation quality. You watch them for their story. I do think anyone who tries to compare this with animation now is silly. It was not good bad then, its terrible now. Simple. knight 3

Also this is rated 13+. I think it says a lot about how we have progressed that this was only rated a 13. Now it would likely be 17+. With themes involving prostitutes, life or death games, guns, violence and much much more this anime is not for children. At least when you compare it to Magi which was given a 15 in England, certainly this anime would have been given higher!

This is a show about assassins trying to kill their targets who are usually up to no good. The first few episodes introduce us to this characters, explaining their back stories and how they ended up with the group. From careers ruins to lost lovers. The stories are sad and only a touch clique. Ultimately this anime is pretty standard in its premise. Its one we have seen a thousand times and one we are likely to see a thousand times again. This show is also meant to be a bishounen show. Full of handsome men and beautiful woman. Except the the bad animation ruins that.

knight 2The story itself is passable. Nothing new, more particularly exciting but there. See Bad guy. Stop bad guy. Met cute girl in process. Girl survival rate 50/50 in process. Because we haven’t seen this formula a couple hundred times and somehow I doubt it was original back in the 90s either. One of the detectives turns out to be related to the bad guys. One of others has a sister in a coma. Its all very clique. So Bronze. Its not something I would say people need to particularly go back and see but its not a bad ride.

Sankarea Review


watched 2014

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 12/12
Aired: Apr, 2012 to Jun, 2012
Producers: Studio Deen, FUNimation Entertainment, Lantis, Pony Canyon,TBS, Kodansha

Sankarea is a manga adaptation originally written by Mitsuru Hattori.

Put until the last two episodes, I was going to put this as silver maybe even a gold if the ending matching up the the beginning, but the ending spoiled this anime to me. Basically the ending was weak. It was not bad romance because just the anticlimactic-ness of it all. If I’m honest, the fact we had two random episodes about minor characters instead of the main plot line was already counting against it. While one explained a bit of the emotions of the one of the main-ish character, the other was just plain filler. As was the last episode. Nothing to the plot, other than an excuse to have fireworks so the main characters could hopefully could reveal their feeling for each other. And fail. As the anime trope goes. Though the final bit was certainly not a normal trope.

This anime is different. The premise being familiar but new in anime form. A human boy falls in love with a zombie girl. Except it more, he falls in love with a girl who then becomes a zombie. What I liked about this anime was that it had a strong beginning. The characters were well introduced, as was the story. A boy obsessed with zombies is trying to work out how to resurrect his dead pet when a beautiful girl stumbles on him. A girl with a dark family life. Who he then promises that if she ever becomes a zombie, he’ll look after her. Not for one moment thinking it will actually happen.

Sankarea 01

Aka, her father is obsessed with her. Beyond unhealthy levels. Much to her mothers unhappiness. We know at the end of the first episode this girl is destined to return to him as a zombie but it is a few episodes before that occurs. Instead we watch as her father tries to control her while she sneaks out to met with him. When she finally dies, we watch something as she arises from the dead. Not that it stops her fathers obsession at all. hadena-sankarea-03-10bit720p72e36eea-mkv_snapshot_21-58_2012-06-24_13-33-27

I did like the symbolism in this anime. In Japan there is a strong connection between hydrangeas and death. Beautfiul flowers which have a dark meaning in Japanese culture. That they could bring someone back to life was a cool idea. The idea to make it so they could preserve zombies and let them life longer before turning feral was ok. It makes sense, if they are the key ingredient that a supply of them is needed to remain alive but it seemed to be missing something. Not that the story would have been better if Rea had been fighting the desire to eat flesh.sankarea-06-40

The thing which really disappointed me about this anime was the ending with the father. This guy is a real sicko. Claiming to be protecting his daughter’s purity. They go though this whole build up of him kidnapping them both and dramatic revelations. And then nothing. Barely a fight, and then he just accepts what they want. This is a guy who paid for people to follow and kidnap his daughter and her friend and he just… lets her stay with him? I don’t know what I expected but something a bit more dramatic/interesting than that!

If someone was the ask me about this anime I’d properly tell them to give it a go. But I’m not likely to recommend it of the tip of my head. It had a really interesting premise and a good if not twisted story built around it but while it passed barely on the romance side, the other aspects failed to satisfy when could have been. This anime could have been so good. But it failed to deliver. So Bronze

Jigoku Shoujo Review

228Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Watched 2010 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 26/26
Aired: Oct, 2005 to Apr, 2006
Producers: Aniplex, Studio Deen, FUNimation Entertainment
Jigoku Shoujo was an original anime written by Hiroshi Watanabe

Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness

silver, would you like to get revenge on someone? There is a website, a website that only exsits at midnight where you may make your request. Should your request be accepted, Hell girl will send your tormentor to hell. But should you decide to go though with the request, you to shall go to hell on the eve of your death.

Hell girl is a clever anime in my view. Much of the episodes take place in a ‘weekly’ mystery format. We meet the characters and are left to figure out who is the aggressor and who is the victim. Who will be driven to summonsing Hell Girl and for what reason. It is not as simple as it all first appears. Some people wish to use Hell Girl for their own gains.

So who is hell girl? She is an immortal who appears in a school uniform 71958land red eyes. At first she appears to have no emotion, and deals with her clients stoically which only adds to the atmosphere to the anime. But she always sides with who is on the side of  the victim, once she has figured out who that is. Ai Enma is her name. We learn little about hell girl until further into the series. She lives on the edge of hell, unable to enter, ferrying souls from one shore to the next in a kimono.

Ai is not the only character who appears on a regular basis. Ai has three assistants who help her in her work. All of which with their own personalties and equally as mysterious. But not as mysterious as Ai’s grandmother, who we never see, only hear. Normally telling Ai that she has a request and her kimono is ready. But the only person who does see her, runs away in terror.

This anime is very clever, the overall plot hidden within the episodes as we slowly uncover just who Ai Enma is and why she works as hell girl. Part of her job is to be emotionless, having been ordered to forget her own hatred, however after the events of season 1, some emotions do sneak though. Ai is a fascinating character and the plots for the episodes are breathtaking as well. The truth often as covered in darkness and mist as 25579lthe characters themselves.  Watching just how far people will go, and how much someone can take before they finally take vengeance on their tormentor. And just because you were the victim once does not give you the right to become the tormentor either as some poor humans discover.

Anyway, to be this is a silver. Thrilling but not one I would go out of my way to recommend. Please give it a watch if you have the time though.

Full Moon wo Sageshite Review

73411lFull Moon wo Sageshite (Searching for the Full Moon)

Watched 2009 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 52/52
Aired: Apr, 2002 to Mar, 2003
Producers: Studio Deen, Viz Media,NAS
Full Moon wo Sageshite is a manga adaptation originally written by Arina Tanemura.

This anime is another anime which was made and completed before the end of its manga, leaving many differences between the two. Though I have not read the manga and can not comment on the difference other than I am aware they exist. From the perceptive of someone who has only watched the anime, I think they did an excellent job.

Full Moon wo Sageshite is possibly one of the earliest example of a Idol anime. Twelve-year-old Kouyama Mitsuki wants to be a singer. It has always been her dream. Except, she has been diagnosed with throat cancer and has one year to live. Literally as two death gods have appeared to ensure she dies in one year. Stopping anything prolonging her life, or shortening it. Upset by this Mitsuki sneaks into an audience but is too young to take part. One of the death gods,Takuto, takes pity on her, the deal being if she is not chosen she has to give up. And so he transforms her to her 16 year old self. Not realising Mitsuki can sing.

And the story is born. We watch as Meroko and Takuto defend Mitsuki from treats and keep her fate on track as she becomes a superstar. While hiding her true identity from her strict grandmother who has forbidden her from singing. Mitsuki is determined to fulfil her dream before her year is up and in the process, falls in love with Takuto.

Mitsuki is ditzy, delicate and your typical shoujo girl. Though she can be delicate as she is dying. Her heart is pure and she is what you would expect of a 12 year old facing death. Not about to let it slow her down. Her dream? For her song to be heard by an orphaned friend who was adopted in America before she could reveal her feelings to him. Best way to do this in her mind is to become a famous Idol.

The anime is sad in many ways because of the contrast reminder of Mitsuki time limit. She achieves great things and the anime does a great job of bringing the world to life. Plus the songs used are lovely songs but very 90’s style in my opinion. But that doesn’t change what is going to happen to poor Mitsuki at the end. Or does it?  Without too many spoilers the ending made up for this anime was beautiful and touching.

This anime is adorable in many ways and wonderful in many more. So Silver.


Fruits Basket Review

5609lFruits Basket 
Watched 2009 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 26/26
Aired: Jul, 2001 to Dec, 2001
Producers: Studio Deen, FUNimation Entertainment
Fruits Basket is a manga adaptation originally written by Natsuki Takaya.
Fruits Basket is an anime which like many others suffered from being given an anime too early on. What do I mean by that? Well the manga finished in 2006, a good 5 years after this series was released. Meaning it suffered from being one of those animes which had to fabricate an end and has many details not quite right because the manga hadn’t finished yet. Which is a shame because the manga is fantastic and it would have been wonderful to have seen the anime more true to the manga. However beggars can’t be chooser and we have what we have. Which, if you don’t compare it to its original source, its a damn good anime.
Fruits basket is a typical shoujo in many respects. Our heroine, Tohru Honda is a big eyes naive but warm hearted girl who has been recently orphaned. She is the type to make friends which delinquents and charm the heart of anyone. What Tohru has, which most anime girls don’t, is the determination to get though anything. Very little ever gets this girl down and even if you do success, our Tohru is very fast to jump right back up to her feet. Her late mother was a strong independent woman who gave up a lot to rise her daughter and Tohru is an admirable young woman as a result.
Enter the boys. We have the good boy, Yuki Sohma. Yuki is popular and clever. He’s also surprising strong despite his weak health. He has a massive rivally with his cousin Kyo. Kyo is the delinquent type. He’s clever but he’s a lone wolf who will do what he wants. The two boys live together with their uncle Shigure. The three take Tohru in after she is kicked out of her grandfather’s house and decides to live on her own in the woods. The catch.
The Sohma’s are not you average family. They are cursed with the zodiac spirits, the head of the clan is dark and twisted man called Akito who is cursed with spirit of god. If any of the cursed Sohmas are hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into the animal they represent. Yuki is the rat. Shigure is the dog. And Kyo. Kyo is the cat. The 13th animal who was tricked by the rat into not going to the banquet. The cat is cursed after greater than the other 13, and Kyo only has one year to defeat Yuki or spend the rest of his life in a cage at the Sohma’s household.
Despite the darkness of the story, Tohru offers them all a light into their lives. The girl who smiles and does not care they are cursed. Determined to help find away to break the curse which has haunted the family for generations. There are some really dark parts of his anime, much more in the manga. It is a interesting read and the love rivalry between Kyo and Yuki for Tohru is fun and entertaining. Tohru’s never ending determination and the personalities of all the animals are wonderful. This anime is full of up and down and comedic interludes. And is very enjoyable.
So Gold. I only wish they would try to remake it with the manga now complete.