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Kaze no Stigma Review

Kaze no Stigma (Stigma of the Wind)23136l

Watched 2014

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 24/24
Aired: Apr, 2007 to Sep, 2007
Producers: Gonzo, FUNimation Entertainment
Kaze no Stigma was a manga adaptation drawn by Nekomiya Kai and written by Yamato Takahiro.
Why did I complete this? I guess I was hoping the potential would bloom into something more. As it was I finished this anime feeling unsatisfied. Its not bad. I just didn’t enjoy it. So Bronze.

Kannagi Ayano is the main female interest. A theoretically talented flame user who defeated her cousin for the right to be head of the clan four years ago. I don’t like her. Not even a bit. As far as I can tell she is only a she for the romance. The romance which is fairly forced. Though I admit the fact the granddad is trying to get her and her cousin together is very amusing. Especially when even when nothing bad is supposed to happen, something normally does. She is loud, brash, an idiot and clumsy. There are no redeeming qualities to his woman as far as I can see! Her cousin becomes powerful and she basically has a temper tantrum about it. Because SHE is the most powerful. Grow up little girl and smell the roses. You pathetic little excuse for a ‘strong’ female character.

Also for anyone wincing at the idea of two cousins, I’m pretty sure they are distantly related and this is anime. I’m fine with cousins, I’m not fine with the amount of brother/sister stuff we get thrown at us.

Her cousin? One Yagami Kazuma (Formally Kannagi Kazuma). He is older than her and considerably dark and mysterious having suffered greatly in the past. He has no talent for the flame like the rest of his family. After being defeated by his younger cousin, his father disowned him and kicks him out the house. Why? Not actually to be a dick but to make/help him find his own place in the world without the stigma was being a weak flame user in a clan famous for its strength. Still, it was a dick mood and Kazuma is left estranged from the clan as such. Something which is of great amusement when they actually need his help. Four years later and Yagami Kazuma as become a contractor with the wind. He’s made a deal with a wind demon to increase his strength. And not just to go ‘fuck you’ to his family, amazing. He is at least tolerable but how oh how he falls for Ayano? She is a pest and to be a Mary sue character if I ever did see one.

Oh and his brother. Kannagi Ren. Ren is one my favourite character. Ren is adorable and all he wants is for his brother to rejoin the family. Ren greatly admires his older brother and Kazuma does genuinely seem to care about him too. Literally going to save him every time Ren gets in trouble. Which is often because Ren is a sweetheart who can’t help but want to save people.  He also ends up as a weird go-between for the head of the clan and the two idiots who have to work together. Helping the clan head create situations where they might become closer.

Honestly. The extras are more interesting than the main characters in this. The dark thing which happened to Kazuma between being disowned and him forming a contract is a fairly clique thing. Which I won’t reveal for too many spoilers but its not exactly the most original thing they could have thought up of. So. Better luck next time.