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Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Review

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!19612l

completed 2015

Type: TV
Episodes: 12/12
Aired: Jan, 2007 to Mar, 2007
Producers: ufotable, Starchild Records, The Klock Worx, ASCII Media Works

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! is an original animation projection directed by Team Manabibeya.

Set in the future where Japan faces a major problem due to the declining birth rate with schools closing due to lack of student numbers. As such most schools face a massive lost in moral and into this an exciting new child appeared. Manami. An enthusiastic young girl who is determined to put some life back into the high school, much to the enjoyment of their teachers. Dragging a set of friends with her, we watch as she injects joy into their world.


The artwork of this anime is beautiful. Bright bold colours, and often two sets of colours in shading. It also has some cool  ideas for future objects, including a hover scooter. Beyond that and its charming nature, their is little else to say about this anime. Like many of its genre its very much your standard light heart coming of age/slice of life anime. The girls fight though their problems and achieve their goals. All while having fun and enjoying life.

So Bronze i guess.

Sola Review

Sola (Sky)14632l 46119l 

completed 2009

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 13/13
Aired: Apr, 2007 to Jun, 2007

Producers: Diomedea, Nomad, Lantis

Sola was a mixed media project which had a manga as a proluge to the anime. It was written by Naoki Hisaya designs by Naru Nanao.

Sola is your fairly typical 13 episode anime. Its nothing special but is an enjoyable anime to watch. The music is special and the story draws you in. The character designs are fair and the characters themselves have some pretty solid back stories. Including an excellent twist. The story moves at a good pace, though as it has been a while, I only remember enjoying the anime and the basic plot.

Our main boyo is a high school called Yorito Morimiya. Yorito’s main hobby is taking pictures of the sky, and spends much of this time doing so. In annoyance to his friend. Yorito has a sister who is in hospital and as such lives on his own. His sister is a fairly cold individual who gets very possessive when Yorito does things which do not include her. She doesn’t actually approve of him taking pictures of the sky either. Seeing as she spends much of the time with the curtains closed due to having been born sickly. Sola 2

One night, Yorito mets a mysterious young woman who is struggling to get tomato juice out of a venting machine. She disappears before he can learn her name though. The next day they met again and Yorito discovers the girls name is Matsuri Shihou. She lives at a church and the next time we met her she is in the middle of a fight with a man trying to kill her. Matsuri is not human but a ‘Yaka’. A yaka is efficiently a ghost. Someone who has dead but it still there. They are powerful but can’t walk in sunlight. They are formed by sorrow and agony, meaning the are doomed to walk the earth alone. Except Yorito and Matsuri fall in love over the course of the series. Matsuri living at Yorito’s to avoid being killed.

Sola 1

The story is sweet and has some very touching moments in. I remember really enjoying this anime and it was beautiful. The colour palettes are well chosen. I can’t say the characters are very special but the story itself is well written and has a lot of twists which you don’t expect. So bronze. Its entertaining to watch but has nothing particularly special about it.

Afro Samurai Review

Afro Samurai15874l 

watched 2015

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 5/5
Aired: Jan, 2007 to Feb, 2007
Producers: Gonzo, Dentsu, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Victor Entertainment,Pony Canyon, Fuji TV
Afro Samurai is a manga adaptation written by Takashi Okazaki.

A dark and dull coloured anime to suit a dark and cruel story. Afro Samurai is certainly one of the most unique stories I have seen in a long time. Sure the idea of someone avenging their murder father is hardly a new concept. However this anime as whole new levels. The artwork is truly stunning as it the battle scenes. They are full of action and movement. Fluid not stagnant. And lots of blood. Oh this anime has lots of blood, made more prevail due to its dark screen tones.

The Afro Samurai wears the no 2 headband. The no 2 headband is fated to be alone. The only one allowed to challenge the no 1 warrior in the land. And many men will fight hard in order to gain that honour. After all the no 2 is beatable. He is a man. While no 1 is considered a god. The no 1 headband once belonged to Afro’s father and he was forced to watch as a child as his father was defeated. Justice cutting off his fathers head before challenging him to return one day to defeat him too. Afro then dedicates his live to gaining revenge. Even at the cost of those who take him in. Though that story alone is a tragedy.


The fight scene between Afro and Gino really got my heart strings. Once brothers fighting against each other in a blooded rage. Never to be reconciled due to the losses they have faced and the trails they have been though in this cruel world. There are few moments of happiness in this anime, if any. And often quickly soured. There is just blood and harsh realism of the land they live for much of this anime. Where every warrior is aiming for that no 2 headband.

Its dark and gritty. The fight scenes only really broken up by the endless chatter of Afro’s companion Ninja. Ninja who is always making quirks and its never really clear whose side Ninja is on. But he follows Afro to the end of the world regardless. The moment he dies is tragic, especially when you realise who or rather what he is.

And that ending…

To say I enjoyed this anime would be lie. It was hard going but it had me hooked. I could not tear my eyes from the screen. A scene of terror and dread as the story unfolded and we learned more and more about Afro and his past. And his future. I give Afro Samurai platinum because I honestly can’t compare it to any other animes. It is truly a unique anime to me.afro-samurai

Kaze no Stigma Review

Kaze no Stigma (Stigma of the Wind)23136l

Watched 2014

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 24/24
Aired: Apr, 2007 to Sep, 2007
Producers: Gonzo, FUNimation Entertainment
Kaze no Stigma was a manga adaptation drawn by Nekomiya Kai and written by Yamato Takahiro.
Why did I complete this? I guess I was hoping the potential would bloom into something more. As it was I finished this anime feeling unsatisfied. Its not bad. I just didn’t enjoy it. So Bronze.

Kannagi Ayano is the main female interest. A theoretically talented flame user who defeated her cousin for the right to be head of the clan four years ago. I don’t like her. Not even a bit. As far as I can tell she is only a she for the romance. The romance which is fairly forced. Though I admit the fact the granddad is trying to get her and her cousin together is very amusing. Especially when even when nothing bad is supposed to happen, something normally does. She is loud, brash, an idiot and clumsy. There are no redeeming qualities to his woman as far as I can see! Her cousin becomes powerful and she basically has a temper tantrum about it. Because SHE is the most powerful. Grow up little girl and smell the roses. You pathetic little excuse for a ‘strong’ female character.

Also for anyone wincing at the idea of two cousins, I’m pretty sure they are distantly related and this is anime. I’m fine with cousins, I’m not fine with the amount of brother/sister stuff we get thrown at us.

Her cousin? One Yagami Kazuma (Formally Kannagi Kazuma). He is older than her and considerably dark and mysterious having suffered greatly in the past. He has no talent for the flame like the rest of his family. After being defeated by his younger cousin, his father disowned him and kicks him out the house. Why? Not actually to be a dick but to make/help him find his own place in the world without the stigma was being a weak flame user in a clan famous for its strength. Still, it was a dick mood and Kazuma is left estranged from the clan as such. Something which is of great amusement when they actually need his help. Four years later and Yagami Kazuma as become a contractor with the wind. He’s made a deal with a wind demon to increase his strength. And not just to go ‘fuck you’ to his family, amazing. He is at least tolerable but how oh how he falls for Ayano? She is a pest and to be a Mary sue character if I ever did see one.

Oh and his brother. Kannagi Ren. Ren is one my favourite character. Ren is adorable and all he wants is for his brother to rejoin the family. Ren greatly admires his older brother and Kazuma does genuinely seem to care about him too. Literally going to save him every time Ren gets in trouble. Which is often because Ren is a sweetheart who can’t help but want to save people.  He also ends up as a weird go-between for the head of the clan and the two idiots who have to work together. Helping the clan head create situations where they might become closer.

Honestly. The extras are more interesting than the main characters in this. The dark thing which happened to Kazuma between being disowned and him forming a contract is a fairly clique thing. Which I won’t reveal for too many spoilers but its not exactly the most original thing they could have thought up of. So. Better luck next time.


Shugo Chara! Review

5061l Shugo Chara

Watched 2008 – To be exact over the summer of 2008 I was waiting every week for the next episode.

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 51/51
Aired: Oct, 2007 to Sep, 2008
Producers: TV Tokyo, Satelight, Pony Canyon

Shugo Chara! is a manga adaptation written by two writers who write under the name  Peach-Pit.

This anime is one I remember being very fond of. IN part due to watching it with a friend, but I did love the characters. Even if a few were more than a little dodgy. So. Plot. Amu Hinamori, a 3rd year elementary school student moves to a new school. She makes a wish and wakes up the next day with three eggs. Turns out these eggs are her guardian characters who are born from the dreams in her heart. She is not the only one with these characters but she is the only one with three. Then in true magical girl fashion, she must work with the student council to help students who had given up on there dreams. There despair meaning their heart eggs have turned to X’s. X eggs whichMinna-san-shugo-chara-11682497-1950-1560 like to cause trouble, meaning the council have to purify them and save the dreams of that child.

Except there is an organisation who want to stop them. This organisation is searching for the Embryo. The Embryo is meant to grant the wish of the person who has it and is summon when a large amount of X eggs are restored at the same time. So the organisation basically goes around bulling children to make them lose hopes in their dreams.

Amu has two love interests throughout the series. Both seem cool when you are a 13 year child, however when you get a little older it is a little like Sailor Moon. The age gap is a little errr. Dodgy. The first one is fine. The head of the student council, ‘King’ Tadase. A stunning boy in the same year as Amu who has some inferiority problems. He is know as the Prince of the school, but calling him this causes his chara to take over and demand people kneel. Tadase is very sweet and a good hearted boy. And then there is his rival. Ikuto. WHO IS 17. He’s cool and half the time seems to flirt with Amu just to fluster her but there are some interesting situations between the two. Including Amu hiding him in her home for a few weeks.

Ignoring the love interests, their is a host of fantastic characters. The show does have a habit of making all the boys fall for Amu at one point or another but that is a problem with shoujo. Amu goes though lots of changes throughout the series, as do the people around her. All reflected in their eggs. The ending to the Dia arc was so heart warming. As is the ending to the series itself. It is a children’s anime though. I’m not sure if I watched it now I would have the same love for it but when I was younger it was amazing and I’m glad I watched it.

So Gold.


Baccano! Review


– Watched 2015

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 13/13
Aired: Jul, 2007 to Nov, 2007
Producers: Aniplex, FUNimation Entertainment, Brains Base, Aniplex of America, Sakura Create, Happinet Pictures
Baccono is a a Japanese light novel adaptation written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Katsumi Enami.
Disclaimer: These are my own opinions. If someone disagrees, feel free to comment with your own.

Its awesome and amazing. Its Platinum. What more do you need. Go watch. Shoo!

Still here? Baccano is strange to me. Considering I started watching anime in 2008, and Baccano was released in 2007. How the hell did I miss it? Lack of knowledge maybe? Possibly because this is one of the most underrated anime’s ever. It is a gem. The characters are distant, well rounded and unique. It is a shame it was never given a sequel but considering Durarara is the next project, that is possibly an acceptable fill in.

Baccano is something truly different. Set from different view points though out the episodes you really get an idea of how intertwined all the characters are. It can be a little hard to get the time times sorted, as it flips between three/ four time periods. Relationships and actions which connect people. Baccano in many ways show just how complicated the world can be. One action affects a lot of people in different ways.

Then we have the music. Oh! The music. This is an anime set in 1930s New York and the music is amazing. From the sad moments to the comedy moments, this is a show who paid decent money to get the best. The opening is inspired as well. I don’t normally pay much attension to sound tracks, but the music is as much as part of the story in this as any other aspect.

Plot! I haven’t even started on the Plot! Right, so immortals, demon, Mafia families, blackmail, random bunch of murders who just want to kill people, thieves. Errr. A child trying to meet up with someone. Lets not forget Maria and Isaac! And the train. Much of this story takes place while a significance portion of the characters are on a train. Most of them heading to New York to met up with old friends. The other part takes place a year before in New York. Time lines get a little complicated but everything gets straighten out in the end. Pay attentions to the years!

Maria and Isaac are by far my favourite characters. They are a comedy relief/married duo who literally do what they want. But they are good guys, they only do things which they think will help people. Which is why the police have never really arrested them. These two are always at the centre of all the chaos, somehow some where. They are idiots but loveable ones in a anime where there is a significance amount of blood and gore. And torture.

If you haven’t watched, go watch! Now! If you have, I hope you liked it as much as I did.


Seirei no Moribito

moribito_wallpaper_1280Seirei no Moribito (Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit)

Watched 2011 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 26
Aired: Apr, 2007 to Sep, 2007
Producers: Production I.G, Viz Media, NHK Enterprises,  Media Blasters
Disclaimer: This are my own opinions are in no reflect anyone else. If someone disagrees, feel free to comment with your own

Seirei no Moribito is based of the first novel of the ‘Moribito’ series, written by  Nahoko Uehashi. Originally published in 1996. The story is a fantasy epic containing themes about how letting traditional culture fade, may not always be a good thing. One of the main plot lines of the story is the lack of knowledge due to the old customs having faded. Leaving the only information in such things as nursery rhythms and myths with many versions.
Having never read the novel, I can only review it compared to other Animes and not compared to its original format. It is a good anime, and one which is rather underrated. What this anime has, is what films don’t. Enough time to make you fall in love with the characters.
One of the key differences between this anime and many others is there is a strong female led. Balsa. A 30 year old bodyguard, who has survived against great odds and refuses to kill in order to live up to a past debt. She is a formidable fighter, and the anime does not attempt to ruin this by needless fan service. Arguably maybe more people would have watched it if it had been ‘sexed’ up but I prefer they hadn’t. She is a respectable and solid character. Something which is very rare in anime. She has a love interest. A herbalist, Tanda who is well liked by his people and does his best to ten to everyone’s injuries. Tanda and Balsa’s relationship is bitter-sweet but is a nice side to the story line.
As fantasy stories go, the idea of a cursed prince is a common one and this is no different. Or is it? Believed to be cursed by a demon who his ancestor defended hundreds of years ago, the Emperor secretly orders the execution of his son, Chagum, to spare the land of such evil. The Emperor weeps over his decision but nothing can be done. Luckily, Chagum’s mother steps in and hires Balsa to protect young Chagum. Chagum undergoes many changes throughout the story. Growing closer to Balsa emotionally and learning how to survive himself. Chagum is a pampered prince, but he is not spoilt. He does what he can to help and rarely complains. Without giving the main plot away, eventually things are put to rest and he returns home a hero. The goodbye scene between Chagum and Balsa heart wrenching to say the least, having watched them go though so much together and now they part.

The story contains many characters. All of which are well rounded and well portrayed in my view. The anime was Gold to me, because even after 3 years, I can remember much of the plot. Unlike many of the anime I watched back then. It is a rather unique story, one which i hope to read in paperback now they have released an English translation.