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D.N.Angel Review

Watched 2009 roughly.
Type: TV
Complete Episodes: 26/26
Aired: Apr, 2003 to Sep, 2003
Producers: Xebec, ADV Films,Kadokawa Shoten, Discotek
D.N.Angel is a manga adaptation written by Yukiru Sugisaki.
D.N angel was a good anime. People can call it clique all they want and yes a couple of the characters were annoying but get this! It was made in 2003. This anime likely set more than a couple of the cliques. Also it was interesting and entertaining.
Its starts off pretty standard. 14 year old boy tries to confess to the girl of his dreams, in this case Haruka Risa. Not to be confused with her older twin Haruka Riku. Why does Risa reject him? Simply Daisuke is too ‘normal’. My rant about Risa will happen in a moment. Anywhere, back to Daisuke gets reject. So he’s heart broken which is where this anime takes a turn for the interesting. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about Risa he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as Dark. Dark has a fantastic because a) he has wings and I love wings. b) He actually is his own person. In fact Daisuke spends a good amount of time having no idea just who Dark is. Either way, Dark then spends much of his time stealing prizeless pieces of art for Daisuke mother. For reasons we find out later on in the story.
This anime is a fantastic story and extremely fun to watch. There is lots of drama and lots of plot twists. However there is one thing. Or rather person who spoils it for me.
Three guesses who? Risa. Risa is a stuck up bitch in my opinion. She is the sort of person who is used to everyone worshipping her because she is the beautiful twin. Riku is far nicer but Daisuke spends most of his time trying to make Risa happy because of his crush on her. Risa takes full advantage of this by the way and Daisuke lets her get away with it. Worse yet, remember the whole Risa rejected the boy for being too normal? Because she wants someone ‘interesting’, she becomes obsessed with Dark. Something which is not helped by the fact she conveniently looks a little like Dark’s former love.
Blah. I don’t like her. I do like the anime. So Silver.

Kaleido Star Review

download (2)Kaleido Star

Watched 2009 roughly

Type: TV
Complete Episodes: 51/51
Aired: Apr, 2003 to Mar, 2004
Producers: Gonzo, Production I.G, TV Tokyo, Hal Film Maker, ADV Films, FUNimation Entertainment, G&G Entertainment, Horipro, MediaNet

Kaleido Star is an original anime created by Junichi Sato, and written by Reiko Yoshida.

Kaledio is not your standard anime. Its a anime about a troop of performers who work at the most famous ring in the world. Sora is a young woman who has come to the troop to follow her dream and perform with her idol. Sora is a good performer but what’s her more special is her endless determination. It doesn’t matter what she comes across, doesn’t matter who tries to bring her down. Sora will rise again. She is a wonder female character which as much determination of any of the boys in a sports anime.

Honestly, I love sports anime and that is likely part of the joy in this anime as well. There are obstacles to face. And they all dive head first to over come them. Working together to pull of stunts and create plays which will truly entertain and inspire the audience. In some ways the motivation of these characters are more noble than that in sports animes. Sora wants to be the best, but more than that she wants to make the audience happy. She will literally do anything to put a smile on someone’s face.

It is that fire in her which helps her gain the hearts of her colleagues. Helps her reawaken the love of performing in her idol. And more than anything, inspires everyone to grow and become the best performers they can do. The plot arcs are interesting the performances Sora and the troop but on are beautiful. I’m not sure how many of them are actually feasible in real life, however this anime so you have to accept a couple of things.

This anime is gold to me. It opened my eyes to new set of animes that were sports but showed how powerful passion can be in people. Showed how drive people are to change and succeed in their dreams. Dreams which aren’t just to beat everyone else. But dreams of actually being the best and inspiring others to become the best as well. Kaleido-Star-kaleido-star-7067945-1024-768

Chrno Crusade Review


Chrno Crusade

Watched 2009 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 24/24
Aired: Nov, 2003 to Jun, 2004
Producers: Gonzo, ADV FilmsL,FUNimation EntertainmentL, Lantis,Kadokawa Shoten, Fuji TV
Chrno Crusade was a Manga adaptation originally written by Daisuke Moriyama.
This anime is one which i personally loved but for not many know about it. It is a wonderful anime. It is also surprising bright and light compared to others of its genre. So we have Chrno, a demon. He was once high ranking but rebelled to try and gain freedom. Its a little complicated but he ends up killing tchrno-crusade-personnages1he love of his life and gets sealed away. Eventually he get released and forms a contract with one Rosette Christopher in order to save her brother from another demon. The two work for the church to destroy demons.
As normal, this series has several minor plot line that seem unrelated but end up being entwined together. Rosette is a cool character but she is a stubborn loud mouth who has no problems with telling you what’s what. But she is a good person. Risking her life every time she fights. Quite literally as every time Chrno uses his powers, he uses up some of Rosette’s life force.
Chrno is properly one of the most un-demon characters you are likely to meet. He’s caring and sweet. Even when Rosette is being unreasonable. When you get him angry though, that’s when you see the demon in him. The fights scenes in this are pretty cool as well. These are characters who stick with you even after you have watched it.
The ending is sad. Tear worthy even. Perfect but it did make me cry. Anyway. This was gold to me. It caught my heart and my imagination. And added some colour into the genre of demons, making a change to the normal dark colours which are the norm.