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Love Stage! Review

Love Stage!64763l

Watched 2014

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 10/10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul, 2014 to Sep, 2014
Producers: J.C.Staff, Sentai Filmworks
Love Stage is a manga adaptation written by Eiki Eiki.

I enjoyed this anime. As yaoi’s go, the quality is not brilliant due to the few which are actually made into programs. Love Stage was an enjoyable anime to me. And a fairly faithful adaptation of the manga. Though the story does have some weak flaws.

So plot. ¬†When the handsome and famous Ryoma Ichijo was a child, he did an advertisement with another girl set at a weeking. Ten years later the company make a new advert with the same girl and Ryoma falls head over heels for this beautiful woman. The catch? The girl is not a girl. But a boy, who was forced in as a stand in when the original girl couldn’t make it.¬†Izumi Sena is special in his family because he is not famous and doing everything in his power to remain unknown. Though his family and their agent are doing their best to get him though the door. Izumi is a daydreamer and massive otaku. What does this equal? A fantastic romantic comedy that has the ability to rival any shoujo or shounen any day.

Yaoi is strange in that often I find the stories are funnier because the main characters are better fleshed out. No Japanese women stereotypes. And trust me, there are stereotypes in this anime. Not all the extra characters are brilliantly well fleshed out however the anime makes it work and they give comedy when it is needed. Izumi is adorable, stubborn and embarrassed as hell about the fact he was made to dress up as a girl and then blackmailed into doing it a second time. Izumi just wants to be a manga artist, but his drawing are bad. Ryoma is you typical guy in that, he flips when he discovers Izumi is not a girl. Much to Izumi’s further shame. But Ryoma gets over his male pride and accepts the person he had fallen for has a dick. Though we do have to go though the whole ‘I’m not gay! am I gay?’ thing first.

Warning though for any non Yaoi fans who feel brave enough to watch this, there are a few scenes which are awkward and uncomfortable for people not comfortable with there sexuality. No worse than any eechi I have scene but some people struggle with them, but even if you choose to skip over those parts, this anime is very entertaining to watch.

So Gold. And I hope to see more of this genre to dilute it a bit.