Aldnoah Zero Review

Aldnoah Zero71297l

Completed 2015

Type: TV
Episodes: 24/24
Aired: Jul 6, 2014 to March 2015
A Manga adaptation, written by Pinakes

Aldnoah Zero is not a bad anime. But it suffers from some fatal flaws. The anime has a dramatic and sober air to it. With a plot that had potential to be something great but then something happened and I’m not sure what. It dropped. The action became generic. More generic than normal for an anime which involves one boy being able to defeat aliens no one else can. The plot as well went from very interesting, to a tale which we have all seen before in one shape or another.

The art was bland. Nothing special, the same crisp lines we have been seeing for a while. I was actually expecting it to be by the same director/designer of Owari no Serph but it is not so. There are occasional when I feel you could have copy and pasted the characters into each others stories and it would have had little effect.

Characters, like the art are your standard breed. Like someone just looked up what characters do you need in an Mecha anime. The Princess is bathed in a white dress, blonde with a heart as big as her green eyes. She loves everyone she meets but there are forces working against her. Spends much of the anime in cryogenics.Aldnoah Zero 1

Her lady in waiting is a young girl who is naive and scared of everything. With the other girls, despite being soldiers they remain high school girls pretty much. Unable to do much, Even the main guys sister who was in the army from the beginning wails pathetically when things aren’t going right. No character growth at all. Ignoring one girl who is a plot point, but even her growth is your standard *yawn* seen it a million times.

The story is spilt between the two sides. Earth and Mars. Mars is a monarchy and as such is all proper and prim. No feeling and lot of multiplication and backstabbing. We watch as earth born Slaine finds to find his place in the Mars army to help his beloved princess. Facing discrimination along the way for being terran born. Slaine rarely showing emotion other than towards his princess and is very resourceful.

On the Earth side we watch Inaho, an emotionless boy who has fallen for the princess, fight to protect his friends and survive. All stoic and endlessly brooding. Knowing things that no one seems to understand. Either the characters nor the audience. I assure to give him some kind of mythical untouchable air. It makes a change from the cheeky rascal we are usually given except, with Slaine personally being so similar…

I only have one question for this anime. What happened to the originality we saw in the first season? This turned into another carbon copy which I would not recommend to anyone. So Bronze

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