Thoughts about Spring Anime

Thoughts about Spring Anime

We are about half way though the calender for the Spring animes and here are my currently feelings on them with as little spoilers about the plot as I can mange. So in Alphabetical Order…

69857Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (18/22)

Also known as Assassination Classroom, this anime started in the winter and has a live action move due in soon. It also has a second season already planned. Which I can understand.

Both my roommate and I love this program. From the opening to the stories. Kuro Sensei and the class are a fantastic bunch of characters and unlike a lot of class anime, it doesn’t attempt to stretch the characters out. We focus on different sets from time to time but we primarily focus on a small number of students, or on Kuro Sensei. They don’t try and force they student’s backstory down our throats, though they are there if we want them.

Currently I would give this series a gold. Despite the dark nature of what is going on, the show’s nature keeps its light hearted and very funny. I fully recommended. One thing I will say though, is the show is getting a little repetitive and I am wondering how they will manage a second season with this format without it becoming tiresome. Only time will tell.


Arslan Senki (7/25)

Arslan Senki is an adaptation from a famous Japanese fantasy epic novel. This is the latest adaptation of the story into anime form, drawn by the artist of Full Metal Alchemist. Now let me repeat, this is a epic fantasy novel adaptation. Its not a light hearted thing. The first episode is fairly warm and cute but once the Prince grows up, well thing quickly become serious and for the most stay that way. As someone who loves reading fantasy epics, I love this anime. It stays true to the form it is from and doesn’t try to ruin the novel by putting fan-service or comedy scenes that don’t really fit the story. If you are going to make a serious tale, keep it serious.

I won’t deny though that my roommate struggles to watch this as he is used to more light-heartiness even in animes such as danganrompa and K. Perhaps soon there will be scenes now the things have set rolling. My main warning for people considering this is that  the issues and plots lines in this are dark and deep. As they should be given what is going on, but this is certainly not an anime for people who are watching for boobs and cheap comedy sketches.

For me its currently a Gold, for my roommate properly more a bronze/stone.

download (5)Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (7/13)

Also know as ‘Is it okay to pick up girls in dungeons?’

Now my roommate and I both approached this anime with a touch of caution. The name suggesting that it was going to be about a fairly perverted anime guy and his harem of girls. Because lets face it, with a title like that, you can’t expect much from the characters. Except Bell is far from perverted. Surrounded by girls, yes. However I was expecting someone like Sora from No Game No Life. What I got was someone who is almost the complete opposite.

Bell is charming. He is not quite innocent, he is a teenage boy but he is naive and good hearted. The sort who is easy picking for scams and for bad or worse, does not have a bone in his body to hold a grudge. Bell is a fantastic character to watch. My main issue with the show? I hate the goddess and main female lead. She is frustrating and I just want to punch her at time. Why? Why? WHY! She is pathetic and I find her parts of the story more tiresome than anything else. Both me and my roommate are only still watching this show because Bell is awesome and are slightly worried about how this is going to pan out. So Silver. Goddess ruins it.
rinne2Kyoukai no Rinne (6/25) 

A surprising good shounen romance comedy. As far as romances go, I was surprised when I started this how many shounen romance I have watched and enjoyed a lot. Some of my favourite romances are shounen. When they decide not make them ecchi. Where as I tend to find shoujo’s enjoyable but nothing special. But this shounen is excellent. The interactions between the two characters are well written and I love the supernatural element to it. As you can properly tell, I love magic and the supernatural so this story is right up my alley.

I love how calm and unnerved the led girl, Sakura is. Something weird happens and she is just like ‘Ok then. Next please. Do you need a hand?’ She is completely unfazed by things and the male led, Rinne is also a very fun character. With a host of characters, this romance is fun and cute. Not really focusing on the romance and more of the chaos which goes on around them. Silver currently, maybe even gold depending on how this plays out.

World Trigger (31/50) 2b00d7ed0ca0084eaa73416e2ee5eb5f1412626835_full

Every now and again there are anime which look like they could become the next big thing. World Trigger was one of these animes and to be fair, could still become really big. However to me it has been a massive disappointment and I don’t read the manga. I would be interested to discover how the manga fans feel about this adaptation.

The story is good and has real potential. But the show shot itself in the foot for me when we spent ten or so episodes on characters we had met for 30 seconds or so on previous ones, instead of the main characters. The action is good all 2 minutes of it before the explanations start.

This anime spends far too much time giving recap and explanations to enjoy the story. And the opening! One the song doesn’t fit to me, and two, its normally halfway though the episode! Frankly this anime is becoming more and more of a chore to watch instead of enjoyment but at 31 episodes in, I feel like I can’t stop or I have wasted by time. So currently bronze, possible a silver. And yet another failed chance to have a new anime wonder.

So what are you all watching this spring? And what would you recommend from the line-up? I’m looking forward to watching the lastest vampire anime Owari no Seraph but I haven’t heard much of the others yet.


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