Usagi Drop Review


Usagi Drop ( Bunny Drop)
watched 2015
Type: TV
Episodes: 11/11
Aired: Jul, 2011 to Sep, 2011
Producers: Production I.G, Fuji TV, Sakura Create

Usagi Drop is a manga adaptation by  Yumi Unita.

Usagi Drop is a strange one. Its an age old story of a man unexpectedly adopting a young child and having to learn how to be a father. At the death of his grandfather, Daikichi ends up looking after his grandfather illegitimate child when none of his relatives will do so. Treating her like a chore, and making him feel disgusted by them so he takes the job himself instead of letting her go into care. Sparking a very cute anime about a man bringing up a young girl and all the troubles that brings.  Rin is a mature girl who understands the things around her a little too well, and Daikichi is just doing his best to be a good father.

Usagi Drop
We watch as Daikichi learns to deal with every problem as they occur and as Rin grows from kindergarten and into primary school. The little moments which make a life. Including fun with friends and graduating from daycare. The moments which every parent loves and hates. The ones which need photos, its just a shame Daikichi doesn’t have a camera. But lucky for him, Rin has made friends with a boy, Kouta, who has a single mother and mothers always have these things prepared! Usagi Drop 2
I’m aware of the manga. I dislike the manga’s choice. I choose to ignore the canon.  I think Daikishi and Kouta’s mum would be really cute together. As for the other characters, we watch as some pretty deep issues go on. This is very much from an adults point of view. Including divorce, abandonment and working as a single parent. All issues we never consider as children but are very much issues people have to go though. With or without children.
Usagi Drop 3

Abandonment. Rin’s mother didn’t want her. She gave her up to work in her dream job. Not that it seems to make her happy. Rin hates her mother, and we do see flashes of her mother life as the anime goes on. Her mother cares but she is a very awkward person. It does ring up some issues though. Japan is very bad when it comes to women working. 39% of women RETURN to work after giving birth. Most become housekeepers. To achieve a dream and become pregnant? What would most women do? Its a harsh thought but a true one. And an issue we see several times in this anime.

All in all, this anime is very much a real life anime. It doesn’t pretend to be want its not. It simply a story about Daikichi’s life having taken in this child. So Silver.


4 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Review”

  1. I think I’m forever traumatized by the manga ending so I can’t even pick up the anime. It’s too soon >_<! The anime looks cute though, if we can ignore where it leads up to D:


      1. Yeah, I’ll try. It’s just t-too soon ;_; LOL But my friends tell me it’s a great anime. I wish I saw it before reading the manga tbh.


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