Fruits Basket Review

5609lFruits Basket 
Watched 2009 roughly

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 26/26
Aired: Jul, 2001 to Dec, 2001
Producers: Studio Deen, FUNimation Entertainment
Fruits Basket is a manga adaptation originally written by Natsuki Takaya.
Fruits Basket is an anime which like many others suffered from being given an anime too early on. What do I mean by that? Well the manga finished in 2006, a good 5 years after this series was released. Meaning it suffered from being one of those animes which had to fabricate an end and has many details not quite right because the manga hadn’t finished yet. Which is a shame because the manga is fantastic and it would have been wonderful to have seen the anime more true to the manga. However beggars can’t be chooser and we have what we have. Which, if you don’t compare it to its original source, its a damn good anime.
Fruits basket is a typical shoujo in many respects. Our heroine, Tohru Honda is a big eyes naive but warm hearted girl who has been recently orphaned. She is the type to make friends which delinquents and charm the heart of anyone. What Tohru has, which most anime girls don’t, is the determination to get though anything. Very little ever gets this girl down and even if you do success, our Tohru is very fast to jump right back up to her feet. Her late mother was a strong independent woman who gave up a lot to rise her daughter and Tohru is an admirable young woman as a result.
Enter the boys. We have the good boy, Yuki Sohma. Yuki is popular and clever. He’s also surprising strong despite his weak health. He has a massive rivally with his cousin Kyo. Kyo is the delinquent type. He’s clever but he’s a lone wolf who will do what he wants. The two boys live together with their uncle Shigure. The three take Tohru in after she is kicked out of her grandfather’s house and decides to live on her own in the woods. The catch.
The Sohma’s are not you average family. They are cursed with the zodiac spirits, the head of the clan is dark and twisted man called Akito who is cursed with spirit of god. If any of the cursed Sohmas are hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into the animal they represent. Yuki is the rat. Shigure is the dog. And Kyo. Kyo is the cat. The 13th animal who was tricked by the rat into not going to the banquet. The cat is cursed after greater than the other 13, and Kyo only has one year to defeat Yuki or spend the rest of his life in a cage at the Sohma’s household.
Despite the darkness of the story, Tohru offers them all a light into their lives. The girl who smiles and does not care they are cursed. Determined to help find away to break the curse which has haunted the family for generations. There are some really dark parts of his anime, much more in the manga. It is a interesting read and the love rivalry between Kyo and Yuki for Tohru is fun and entertaining. Tohru’s never ending determination and the personalities of all the animals are wonderful. This anime is full of up and down and comedic interludes. And is very enjoyable.
So Gold. I only wish they would try to remake it with the manga now complete.


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