D.N.Angel Review

Watched 2009 roughly.
Type: TV
Complete Episodes: 26/26
Aired: Apr, 2003 to Sep, 2003
Producers: Xebec, ADV Films,Kadokawa Shoten, Discotek
D.N.Angel is a manga adaptation written by Yukiru Sugisaki.
D.N angel was a good anime. People can call it clique all they want and yes a couple of the characters were annoying but get this! It was made in 2003. This anime likely set more than a couple of the cliques. Also it was interesting and entertaining.
Its starts off pretty standard. 14 year old boy tries to confess to the girl of his dreams, in this case Haruka Risa. Not to be confused with her older twin Haruka Riku. Why does Risa reject him? Simply Daisuke is too ‘normal’. My rant about Risa will happen in a moment. Anywhere, back to Daisuke gets reject. So he’s heart broken which is where this anime takes a turn for the interesting. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about Risa he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as Dark. Dark has a fantastic because a) he has wings and I love wings. b) He actually is his own person. In fact Daisuke spends a good amount of time having no idea just who Dark is. Either way, Dark then spends much of his time stealing prizeless pieces of art for Daisuke mother. For reasons we find out later on in the story.
This anime is a fantastic story and extremely fun to watch. There is lots of drama and lots of plot twists. However there is one thing. Or rather person who spoils it for me.
Three guesses who? Risa. Risa is a stuck up bitch in my opinion. She is the sort of person who is used to everyone worshipping her because she is the beautiful twin. Riku is far nicer but Daisuke spends most of his time trying to make Risa happy because of his crush on her. Risa takes full advantage of this by the way and Daisuke lets her get away with it. Worse yet, remember the whole Risa rejected the boy for being too normal? Because she wants someone ‘interesting’, she becomes obsessed with Dark. Something which is not helped by the fact she conveniently looks a little like Dark’s former love.
Blah. I don’t like her. I do like the anime. So Silver.

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