No 6 Review

No 629759l

Watched 2015

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 11/11
Aired: Jul, 2011 to Sep, 2011
Producers: Bones, Aniplex, Fuji TV, Sentai Filmworks


No. 6 is a light novel adaptation written by Atsuko Asano.

No.6 was interesting. It set out to be a potentially excellent anime. It was good but it missed a couple of its goals I think. To be honest this anime reminded of a mix between 1989 and Neon Flux. No. 6 is a city. There are other cities, but they don’t live by the same rules and laws as No. 6. This is a futurist dystopia. It opens up to events which take back a couple of years before. A boy, Shion, is about to be upgraded to the special course. He lives in the rich side of town and has lots of potential. However during a storm he allows a boy the same age as him to take shether in his bedroom. Nezumi. (Rat). Nezumi is an escaped criminal. However even after learning this, Shoin lets him stay and patches up his wounds. Nezumi leaves in the morning and the authority come to question Shion. Because of his actions he and his mother are banished to the lower caste and he is no longer allowed any privileged. For going against the law at 12 and sheltering another (admittedly criminal) child.

Anyway, cut to a few years later and Shion is working as a park janitor to earn money. He witnesses the death of a colleague by some strange parasitic wasp and gets framed by the government. Lucky for him Nezumi has not forgotten him and saves him.Twice. First time from the police, the second time from the parasitic which is in him. Causing his hair to go white and his eyes to go red. I have to say this is one of the rare animes where there is an explanation for why someone’s hair is not a normal colour. Anyway after this it is a race against time to save the people of No. 6. Except Nezumi doesn’t want to.

The world outside No 6 is rough. Shion is a naive, sheltered boy, even after being kicked out the rich area, who doesn’t really understand how things work in the dangerous west town. He stumps a lot of cold hearted people because he still actually has a heart. Nezumi is half exasperated by this, half angered. Nezumi protects him a lot, which amuses their allies greatly as the world is a kill or be kill type. You don’t protect people. And yet Nezumi does. Still Shion makes friends with the right people who keep him safe when Nezumi can’t. While they talk big, you can’t help but feel they would do a lot to help Shion. Which they do in the end. Shion then as the small task of trying to convince Nezumi, who wants to see No 6 burn, for fairly good reasons, to help him save the city.

Fairly heavy plot and the story suits. I can’t help but feel like something is missing but I’m just not sure what. Its well told, I think. But something is just not perfect. The ending leaves a lot of unanswered questions, like who was in charge and why they were doing this. Its not like No 6 wasn’t almost in complete control of its citizens anyway. Its very dark, the containment centre scene is something out of nightmares. But that makes the world they are living in. No 6 is rotten from the inside. And the show is about the characters trying to change that.

The characters are interesting, it is a good contrast between the hopeless optimistic Shoin and the negative Nezumi. Shoin’s mother and childhood friend are both excellent female characters. Well the mum is. I want to punch the friend occasionally. Dogloan is also an excellent character and I wish we could have learned a bit more about her past. (Dogloan is the girl in the bottom picture).

I give this anime a silver, partly because there is something very meh about it. It was enjoyable and interesting to watch. I looked forward to seeing the conclusion but I can’t help but feel there was something missing from the show.

Oh! Just a small warning, lots of Nezumi/Shoin hints throughout the show and the ending would just spoil it.



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