Gugure! Kokkuri-san Review

Gugure! Kokkuri-sangugure-tv-anime

Watched 2015

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 12/12
Aired: Oct, 2014 to Dec, 2014
Producers: TV Tokyo, Frontier Works, TMS Entertainment, Media Factory, NAS, Sentai Filmworks,

Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a manga adaptation originally written by Endo Midori

This anime is something else. Its very funny. Not a lot actually happens but the plots are well thought though. The animation style is pretty standard for most, ignoring the little girl, Kohina. Kohina is a strange creature. Emotionally detached. She is the sort of person that only exists in anime. For one thing, she is an elementary school girl who lives in a shrine all by herself with no parents or guardians to take care of her. She goes to school and lives of pot noodles. Due to this she has declared herself a ‘doll’ and often does things according to this fact. ‘Dolls do not get lonely’. Except they do.

On day, Kohina while playing a children’s game, accidentally summons the fox ghost Kokkuri-san. Kokkuri-san is a ghost with a soft heart and seeing that state in which Kohina live in, decided to stick around to ‘haunt’ her to protect. Which includes feeding her actual meals instead of pot noodles. But this is also because Kohina can see ghost and spirits which sometimes try to harm her as a result.

Kohina and Kokkuri’s relationship is a funny one. Kukkuri desperately trying to play the role of parent, while also protecting her by the other spirits that seem to gather around her. They both do care for each other, Kokkuri will stop at nothing to protect Kohina and Kohina gets actually upset when Kokkuri appears to have left her for good.

There is a whole host of other characters who love to cause trouble. And some who are just plain strange. Including a boy in Kohina’s class who looks like an alien but everyone insists is a human. A gambling freeloader, who has a few extra sides to him and more. Also what is slightly different about this anime is that all the ghosts are able to switch between genders. Inugami in particular regularly switches between dog form, male form and female form. Its an interesting concept.

Final verdict. To me Silver. I’m not slightly to recommend it of the top of my head but someone mentions it, I would happy tell people to watch it.


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