Shugo Chara! Review

5061l Shugo Chara

Watched 2008 – To be exact over the summer of 2008 I was waiting every week for the next episode.

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 51/51
Aired: Oct, 2007 to Sep, 2008
Producers: TV Tokyo, Satelight, Pony Canyon

Shugo Chara! is a manga adaptation written by two writers who write under the name  Peach-Pit.

This anime is one I remember being very fond of. IN part due to watching it with a friend, but I did love the characters. Even if a few were more than a little dodgy. So. Plot. Amu Hinamori, a 3rd year elementary school student moves to a new school. She makes a wish and wakes up the next day with three eggs. Turns out these eggs are her guardian characters who are born from the dreams in her heart. She is not the only one with these characters but she is the only one with three. Then in true magical girl fashion, she must work with the student council to help students who had given up on there dreams. There despair meaning their heart eggs have turned to X’s. X eggs whichMinna-san-shugo-chara-11682497-1950-1560 like to cause trouble, meaning the council have to purify them and save the dreams of that child.

Except there is an organisation who want to stop them. This organisation is searching for the Embryo. The Embryo is meant to grant the wish of the person who has it and is summon when a large amount of X eggs are restored at the same time. So the organisation basically goes around bulling children to make them lose hopes in their dreams.

Amu has two love interests throughout the series. Both seem cool when you are a 13 year child, however when you get a little older it is a little like Sailor Moon. The age gap is a little errr. Dodgy. The first one is fine. The head of the student council, ‘King’ Tadase. A stunning boy in the same year as Amu who has some inferiority problems. He is know as the Prince of the school, but calling him this causes his chara to take over and demand people kneel. Tadase is very sweet and a good hearted boy. And then there is his rival. Ikuto. WHO IS 17. He’s cool and half the time seems to flirt with Amu just to fluster her but there are some interesting situations between the two. Including Amu hiding him in her home for a few weeks.

Ignoring the love interests, their is a host of fantastic characters. The show does have a habit of making all the boys fall for Amu at one point or another but that is a problem with shoujo. Amu goes though lots of changes throughout the series, as do the people around her. All reflected in their eggs. The ending to the Dia arc was so heart warming. As is the ending to the series itself. It is a children’s anime though. I’m not sure if I watched it now I would have the same love for it but when I was younger it was amazing and I’m glad I watched it.

So Gold.


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