Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant ParkAmagi Brilliant Park1

Watched 2015

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 13/13
Aired: Oct, 2014 to Dec, 2014
Producers: Kyoto Animation, Avex Entertainment, TBS, DAX Production, Sentai Filmworks, flying DOG, Mobcast.

Amagi Brilliant Park is a light Novel Adaptation written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima.

I enjoyed this anime. It made me laugh and I genuinely enjoyed the plot of this short anime. It is no masterpiece. It is not one I will buy merchandise for or even really recommend to anyone unless I am out of ideas. However it was a fun anime to watch. Those two standards would seem to contradict themselves but in the end there are plenty of anime that I have watched and

Amagi Brilliant Park

enjoyed but are just that. Entertainment. I rate this anime as silver because chances are in a five years I will not remember its name but I will remember its plot.

At first glance it is not particularly special. Slightly different from the normal anime set while the characters in high school, in that is it not actually set at high school.

We start there. A seemingly normal boy, Seiya Kanie, is forced to go a date with a new student. Isuzu Sento. By forced, I mean by gun point. The location of this date? Amagi Brilliant Park! Well, not so brilliant. The bus stop is at the wrong place, most of the attractions are in despair and the food is awful. Except the croquettes. Made by the parks very own princess. Latifa.

Latifa is pretty much a typically young princess. Big hearted and thinks the best of people. She is also the princess of a magically land and the park works as a battery for the magic of that land. With this in mind and considering the park is in danger of being closed meaning the denzions of the park would dissappear, Sento is given the task of saving the park. Why? He’s 1) a perfertist, and 2) a former Child Star who has lost his way.

And so the tale begins. The epic journey Sento takes to whip the park into shape and get  250,000 vistors to walk though the park gates in under 3 months. A seemingly impossible task. But one Sento undertakes. Trust me, he has his work cut out for him. And the story unfolds. There is romance, but honestly I love this more for the comedy and just the everyday problems of running a theme park.

Update *23/7/15

Having finished university for the summer I decided to go hunt down some anime only to find a new OVA of Amagi. It was delightfully mad as the series. Which all the best characters at the least featuring in a cameo as the park attempts to run its day to day operates. With the added bonus of people having to switch up some roles and failing at it, having to compete at an annual fight to the death *coughs* perform at a kindergarten and arrange a birthday party. The OVA manages to capture the light hearted but wacky nature of the series and I hope it gets renewed for the second season.


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