Zankyou No Terror Review

Zankyou No Terror (Terror in Resonance)Terror_in_Resonance_Poster

Type: TV
Completed Episodes: 11/11
Status: Finished
Aired: Jul, 2014 to Sep, 2014
Producers: Aniplex, Dentsu, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Fuji TV, MAPPA, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

Disclaimer: This are my own opinions are in no reflect anyone else. If someone disagrees, feel free to comment with your own.

Japanese movie and anime creators have never been afraid of challenging ideas and there is a very good example of an anime done right. Its set in world not too unlike our own, however given aspects to ensure it is not ours.  Eight and Twelve would not exist for the simple fact of science is not yet up to the level which would allow them too. Is it? They are not meant to exist in there own after all.

Conspiracies aside. This is an anime about Terrorists. About the world they inhabit and about the girl who gets swept along with them. The cliques are there. Mother issues, the girl being unable to cook and smoking out the apartment etc. But they are well written in and are part of the story instead of just being ‘there’. It also manages to avoid the three ‘typical’ scenes.  It does however have a woman with impossible hair.

This anime is clever. It takes elements of the real world and mixes them in with the sort of luck and ability that only make belief characters are capable off. So far. One day there may be someone able to pull of what these character too, but so far, that has not happened.

There has been a terrorist attack in one of the main areas of Tokyo. The only clues as to the culprits being a video uploaded to the internet by two men in masks. Nine and Twelve. The world searches for these mysterious men as they put their plans in to play. Except things never go as planned and they get caught in the act by one of their classmates. Lisa. A girl with her own demons. Not to mention, the government bring in someone from their past to hunt them down. Someone who turned into what they were supposed to be.

This anime is rarely light hearted, but the characters cling on to you until the final scene. Then you cry. The ending is heart-wrenching but in many ways perfect for what this anime is. A reminder than even if you manage to succeed and change the world. There are always consequences. Always people who will want revenge.

To me, this anime was Gold.


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